CIAMIS. In Kubangpari Hamlet Rt. 08 Rw. 06 Ciherang Village, Banjarsari, Ciamis There is a mother named Sugiarti. In the area Ibu Sugiarti (53 years old) lives with her husband Mr. Anwar (63 years old) who has often been sick and cannot support his family.

Instead, Sugiarti’s mother had to earn his family’s living by being a wicker worker with an average income of Rp. 7,000 per day.

Mrs. Sugiarti and Mr. Anwar have 3 daughters, the eldest child is already married and has 2 children, but with limited economic conditions. The second child works in town and his income is also mediocre, only to give monthly to Sugiarti which is also very limited. While the youngest child of Sugiarti mother is a Junior high school students.

With that income is obviously not enough for their daily needs, coupled with the condition of a husband who was sick and had been hospitalized until 4 times from early this year, making Sugiarti’s life is very difficult and after 4 times the hospital entrance left a fairly large debt.

So, seeing that the Facilitator Rumah Zakat coordinate with the head of the sub-village of Kupangpang coordinate to help Sugiarti’s mother through the Free Debt Ramadhan Program.

On Sunday night (10/06) Rumah Zakat meets Ibu Sugiarti with the neighbor where she borrows money and settle the debt of the receivable with witnessed by Head of Dusun Kubangpari.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very happy. Thank you for assisting the payment of my debt Rumah Zakat. hopefully Rumah zakat always get blessing “said Mrs. Sugiarti

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