KUBANGSARI. One effort to develop the economy so as not to further widen the economic gap is to provide business capital to the lower middle class people because by providing business capital can help solve their economic problems.

Wednesday (13/02) Rumah Zakat through empowered village facilitators distributes entrepreneurial assistance in the form of business capital to two beneficiaries. This program is one of the Rumah Zakat programs in economic empowerment in Kubangsari empowered village.

The two beneficiaries are Ina who has an ice-lolly business and Wafi Kartika who has a grilled meat ball business that is run with her husband, Ihron. Assistance is distributed in their homes, precisely at RW.08, Kubangsari village, Kangganggungan Brebes.

With this business capital assistance, Rumah Zakat hopes to be able to help Ina and Wafi in developing and increasing their business production.

Getting capital assistance from Rumah Zakat, Ina and Wafi were very happy because with this assistance the constraints to production that had been encountered so far could be overcome.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful to Rumah Zakat for providing business capital assistance to me. Insya Allah, with the help of business capital that I got from Rumah Zakat, I will use my best to improve my business, “said Wafi.


Asih SH / Lailatul Istikhomah

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