PEKALONGAN. (05/10), housed in Fatonah residence RT.04 RW.08 Podosugih, Rumah Zakat organizes Skills Training for housewife who joined in KUBE BERDIKARI, which was formed recently by Rumah Zakat’s Facilitator for Podosugih Empowered Village.

“A housewife must have productive skills, because we do not know until when our partner alive, so that skills training needs to be done”  Said Mei Setioningsih, Facilitator of Rumah Zakat.

This training is the inaugural training and will become the regular agenda of KUB Berdikari.

Fatonah (60 years old) host and speaker in this training share his experience in cultivating business in producing various rempeyek and tempe chips since the age of 16 years until now, his business can be called sucess because the product has reached sumatera and kalimantan, even already to Hongkong, the participants are very enthusiastic about listening to Fatonah’s experience. In addition the trainees were also taught skills in making rempeyek and tempe chips.

“Alhamdulillah I can do charity through my knowledge though only a little hopefully useful” said Fatonah.

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