BANDAR LAMPUNG (11/27). The Urban Farming program in Kampung Berseri has now seen results. Efforts to reforest the village by farming are not only able to green the village but also improve the village economy as well. Vegetable planting activities carried out by mothers in Sukaraja Sub-District now continue to produce results, from the spinach harvest to the peanut harvest, this time Rumah Zakat provides assistance in the form of tools, seeds and fertilizers to increase the capacity and quality of vegetables so that the community needs for vegetables fresh and healthy can be fulfilled.

The location of the vegetable garden is on Jl. Yos Sudarso Kampung Kuala Kramat Sukaraja where this activity is carried out routinely every day by the vegetable garden administrators starting from the seedling process, watering, maintenance and harvesting is done regularly and according to the education provided.

Nurhayati as chairman of Urban Farming expressed her gratitude because this program was able to make people live better lives.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat for giving us this opportunity to the citizens of Sukaraja, and thank you for your help and education so that life will be even better. Thank you Rumah Zakat.” Said Nurhayati.

Rumah Zakat facilitator Wawan Prayogi expressed his happiness because this activity was able to foster a sense of community togetherness in becoming more compact in improving village life.


“The routine activities of Kepung Kuala Kramat Sukaraja residents are very beautiful, where these activities prioritize togetherness and shared sincerity, so there is no social jealousy to advance the village together”. Wawan said.



Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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