BEKASI, Bekasi, (30/7). Rumah Zakat together with Cita Sehat  in synergy with youths group of RW 10 Kec. Jatiasih Bekasi in organizing event to commemorate World Hepatitis Day which falls on 28 July.

The event involving more than 200 residents were held on Jl. Durian, RT 03 RW 10 Kec. Jatiasih, Ex. Jatiasih Kota Bekasi.  Besides the residents, local government officials also attended the event.

The activity began with remarks from representatives of Rumah Zakat and Chairman RT 05. After remark, the event continued to health counseling on hepatitis delivered by Doctor Rakas. Medical team of Cita Sehat also provides free health check facility in the form of weighing, blood tension check, uric acid check, glucose check and doctor consultation.

“This activity is done on the cooperation of Rumah Zakat, Cita Sehat and RW 10 youths group consisting of 5 neighborhoods from RT 1 to RT 5. This activity is based on the importance of health for the community, especially the delivery of knowledge about hepatitis to the community, ranging from the meaning up to How to prevent it.” PIC of the event, Iqbal said.

The activity ended with the distribution of milk and mung bean juice to 60 children and children and banana to more than 200 residents in attendance.

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