MEDAN. Thursday (23/11/2017) Rumah Zakat together with DMID again held Workshop Branding 3.0 in Medan City. This time the workshop participants consisting of members and facilitators came from the targeted areas of Medan, Batam, Aceh, Palembang, Pekanbaru and Padang City. Unlike the previous workshop, this time the perpetrators of SMEs from the general public are also included in this activity.

In the first session, the participants were treated to introduction theory about knowledge about branding, followed by the question and answer session between the speakers and participants. Enthusiastic participants look at the number of questions asked, so it looks active and effective.

DMID also delivered about how branding design products for business actors to be more attractive and high selling value. The participants seemed enthusiastic in listening to the material presented by Mr. Wira, a speaker representing DMID.

“This activity is very useful for the perpetrators of SMEs, and add my insight on the importance of branding for a product, Thanks, Rumah Zakat,” said Suyadi, one of the participants from Padang.

For the second session, the event focused on the coaching clinic of DMID Team to the participant member or beneficiaries one by one accompanied by their respective District Facilitator.

The participants’ products that were consulted for their branding were varied, mostly in the form of foods such as Teri Crispy Products (Cut Putri, Lieue Village, Aceh); Product of Banana Chips (Isna Eka Sari, Village of Lower Sidorejo, Medan); Otak-Otak brain products (Benny Hidayat, Dwikora powerhouse, Medan); Products Sweet Potatoes & Onion Cakes (Astina, Desa berdaya Medan); Products Syrup Manggrove and Manggrove Chips (Ernida, Village berdaya Medan), Balado Banana Chips Products (Suyadi, Village berdaya Andalas, Padang); Fruit and vegetable chips (Ratna Yulis, Balai Gadang Village, Padang Village) Pempek Fish Products Cork & Nugget Fish Cork (Nani Sudarwati, Village Berdaya Gutters Powder); Spicy Macaroni Products (Nur Hidayat, Mangsang Empowerment Village, Batam); Chicken Baso Products (Tarto, Okura High Cliff Village, Pekanbaru); Spicy Cassava Chips Products (Nur Basni, Village of Simpang Tiga, Pekanbaru) Mocaf Flour / Flour Product made from cassava (Suherman, Inspiration Inspiration Medan).

“I am very grateful to Rumah Zakat and DMID who have held this workshop, and met with great people,” Dewi Kumalasari, Padang Facilitator

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