JAKARTA. Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT) in cooperation with Rumah Zakat in Zakah and Infaq fund optimization program. The implementation of Zakat and Infaq fund management is utilized to support the School and Empowered Village programs. The signing of the MoU of both programs was held on Friday, (07/21) which was held at the Tarqiyah Taqwa Mosque secretariat office of Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT) Jakarta.


Wawan Budi Setiawan as the Chairman of Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT) hopes that the cooperation can provide many benefits in the field of education and community empowerment. “Cooperation is woven with Zakat House is currently very conducive. MTT and Rumah Zakat programs are in tandem, “he said.


The plan, this year zakat and infaq funds collected from Telkomsel employees will be utilized in helping the Sekolah Juara (School) program, SMK Peternakan Juara (vocational high School) Subang and Empowered Village program in ​​Papua. “The distribution in Jayapura is still small, so now we focus on helping to build a village there,” Wawan explained.


Meanwhile, the CEO of Rumah Zakat, Nur Efendi expressed his gratitude for the trust given by Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT that secures the Zakat House in managing the zakat and infaq of its employees. “Cooperation of Rumah Zakat with MTT has been established long enough, about 5 years have been synergized in the management of ZIS,” he said.


Rumah Zakat Program and Telkomsel Taklim Assembly that has rolled out among other health, education and economic programs with the implementation of the program in the form of health preparadeness action, SMK Juara Peternakan Subang, school scholarship, business assistance, Ramadan program, disaster relief and qurban assistance.

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