RUMAH ZAKAT DAN MTT SULAWESI GULIRKAN PROGRAM PRA KOPRASI SYARIAHSULAWESI. Wednesday (04/05) Rumah Zakat Makassar in cooperation with Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT) of Sulawesi regional rolled Pre aid sharia cooperative program. The program engaged in the local economy which based on kinship and mutual cooperation in the effort to make people more productive in running the business.

The purpose of pre sharia cooperative program is to provide convenience to the public in accessing the loan money without interest, so that the community can reduce the risk of loan sharks entangled usury.

The launching of pre Sharia cooperative program of MTT Sulawesi began with socialization for cooperative members who are members of Rumah Zakat. Socialization of program carried out after post-surveys conducted before the program runs. The main objective of the socialization is to provide knowledge, support and help the community for the success of the course of the program. In socialization also submitted information related to the cooperative, ranging from cooperative basis, purpose, their economic power in the cooperative, the rights and obligations of members to the cooperative development prospects.

Socialization is attended by 20 beneficiaries was held at the secretariat office, Jl. Tantu Dg Lr 9 Rt 03/01, Rappokalling Village, Tallo District. In this socialization held the election of the sharia cooperative chief, Fitriany, the member of Rumah Zakat with grilled chicken businesses elected as the chief.

Activities that take place at 04 pm was attended by Rumah Zakat Makassar branch manager, Amir hope that this program can become a long term program. “Hopefully, this cooperative pre program can continue so that the long-term cooperation could establish, and it can give benefit and empowering many people.


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