— Rumah Zakat audited by British Standard Institution (BSI). BSI certified Rumah Zakat as an institution that deserves ISO certificate. Rumah Zakat is also rated as an excellent institution in risk management.

“Alhamdulillah today we has just been examined and we deserve to get ISO certificate,” said Chief Operating Officer of Rumah, Herry Hermawan to Republika, Friday (28/7).

He said, Rumah Zakat has obtained ISO certificate since 2015. At that time Rumah Zakat was awarded as a worthy institution in the distribution of zakah. After two years running, Rumah Zakat was audited again by the British institution, BSI.

He explained, so now Rumah Zakat holds a title as an institution that has passed the risk management. There are several things that are considered for an institution to get an ISO certificate. First, the quality management system, all management and systems that run in an institution must be guaranteed quality.

Second, Herry continued, to achieve a good quality management system, it must make continuous improvement. “Thus, institutions that have received ISO certificate are obliged to improve continuously,” he said.

Then the third, he said, the institution concerned must also maintain customer satisfaction. Fourth, must analyze risk management. These four points as a condition of an institution get ISO certificate.

He revealed, Rumah Zakat can get ISO certificate because Rumah Zakat learn from many bigger institutions. Rumah Zakat imitates the best institution in the international arena, the Foundation of Humanitarian Assistance Turkey (IHH).

“They’re really good, they reach out across the world, we want to be like them, so we should have a target like them,” he said.

Rumah Zakat also partners with the right consulting agency. Rumah Zakat House Consultant is BSI. Rumah Zakat also has human resources who want to keep learning. This is what Rumah Zakat does to get an ISO certificate.

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