PALEMBANG. The rain in Palembang on Tuesday (11/13) morning, for one full night made almost all corners of the city of Palembang flooded.

The height of the water reaches a height of up to the knees of an adult, this causes both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles to suddenly die due to the conquest of water and hundreds of houses submerged in several sub-districts.

As a form of concern for the floods, Rumah Zakat Volunteers distributed 300 food packages and 300 cans of corned super qurban in 3 flooded areas, namely Ilir Timur District (IT) III, Pipa Reja, and Kemuning.

One of the residents whose homes were flooded, namely Redi said, the water began to inundate the area since early this morning and until this afternoon it had not receded.

“The rain poured heavily till dawn around 4:30 a.m. WIB, the water began to enter the houses, “he said while helping Rumah Zakat volunteers.

Meanwhile in a separate place, Masna, a resident of Pipa Reja Urban Village whose house was also affected by the flood, said that as residents they were still staying in their homes. He also said this was the first time he had received assistance from Rumah Zakat during the flood.

“Thank God thank you Rumah Zakat, we often experience floods like this. But only this time we get help. Hopefully Rumah Zakat will be more successful, “said Masna.

Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat South Sumatra, Hadi said, this is one form of Rumah Zakat concern for the community. Especially in conditions like this they really need help, so Rumah Zakat gives food packages to 3 villages in Palembang.

“Alhamdulillah, we can still share with the people affected by the flood. And this is a form of our concern for society. We distributed 300 packaged rice and 300 superqurban corned beef. “We hope that with the help can reduce the sadness of our brothers who are affected by floods,” Hadi concluded.



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