.(12/07) Rumah Zakat in its work for 19 years in managing Zakah, infak and sadaqah as well as international philanthropic institution again ranked first in Indonesia Original Brands 2017 Survey. Quoted from SWA magazine 6-19 July 2017 edition, Rumah Zakat outperformed Dompet Dhuafa and Baznas in this year’s IOB survey.


Nur Efendi, CEO of Rumah Zakat, said that in 2017 Rumah Zakat is transformed into an entrepreneurial institution in order to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of donators and beneficiaries of zakah funds. “This transformation is merging the process of rebranding and mindset transformation, where one of its output provides more services to the public whether it is muzzaki, beneficiaries, as well as to Amil Rumah Zakat,” said Efendi.


In 2017, Rumah Zakat also fixes 22 touch point management that come into direct contact with the public; pre-interaction, zakah consultation, prayer to report submission.


Rumah zakat keep going with innovation, for example through crowdfunding platform which is collaboration medium between Rumah Zakat and the community. Through the website, people can share ideas as well as channel aid to various categories of programs such as assistance to orphans and the poor, infrastructure development or humanitarian programs such as disaster-caring actions.


In the last month of Ramadhan, Rumah Zakat also launched Ramadhan Happy Energy program which aims to give happiness energy in Indonesia and worldwide.

“Rumah Zakat and its partners distributed aid packages to the needy community in Empowered Village, and donated to Syria and Palestine. This Ramadan program includes Ifthar package, Eid Gift for Orphan, Eid Gift for Family and Syiar Quran ” Efendi said.


Empowered Village is one of the excellent programs of Rumah Zakat which optimize zakat, infaq and sadaqah fund and humanitarian fund from donators to build village through education, economy, health and environment program.


Rumah Zakat is actively collecting donators through digital channels. “Our strategy is to optimize digital technology as the primary means to attract new donators and serve existing donators, and collaborate with others,” Efendi added.


Lailatul Istikhomah


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