1805 RUMAH ZAKAT EDUKASI MASYARAKAT MEMBANGUN KAMPUNG HIJAUSUKABUMI. (10/05) Rumah Zakat’s Empowered who are members of the Srikandi Hijau community participated in an urban farming workshop at Kampung Babakan Bandung Kel. Subangjaya, Sukabumi City, Wednesday (10/05). As many as ten mothers perwakilah from every RT in Subangjaya village follow the workshop with full of enthusiasm.

“This urban farming workshop program can be implemented because of the interest of the community in receiving sustainable environmental programs,” said Reno Julianto, Empowered Village Facilitator in Subangjaya area.

Heroine Green Group itself is a group formed Rumah Zakat in Empowered Village of Subangjaya in Kampung Babakan Bandung, Sukabumi. With enthusiasm from Kampung Babakan Bandung community, he can encourage people to build Kampung Hijau.

“I am grateful to be able to run one of the process of establishing this green village, because it is impossible for the green village program can run if the community itself is apathetic in receiving this program” said Reno.

The empowered village community from Subangjaya Village really appreciate what Rumah Zakat has done to the residents so that the Kampung Hijau program can grow again into Productive House program.

“Thank you very much from Rumah Zakat which provides an opportunity for us to realize our ideals, the program that we think about initially only limited to greening in our village but with the direction we have a productive house program”, said Linda.

Bu Linda is the head of RW 01 kampung Babakan Bandung Subangjaya urban village as well as a member of Srikandi Hijau group.

The same thing was conveyed Iwan a practitioner of chili plantation who became the speaker of the workshop event. “I am quite happy with this event, residents here quite enthusiastic and enthusiastic in participating in urban farming workshops, so the atmosphere of the event became more alive because there is a two-way interaction” said Iwan.

Newsroom / Reno Julianto

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