SURAKARTA. Healthy living is the desire of all people, but to achieve it needs efforts. Eat nourishing, adequate rest and exercise of course. Rumah Zakat in synergy with Suradi Badminton Club held a badminton sport together.

In order to promote healthy lifestyle, facilitator of Rumah Zakat for Sumbar empowered village held a Badminton training followed by Village residents on Tuesday (21/11) in GOR of Tapak Suci Muhammadiyah, Sumber.

Retno Sugiyanto as the facilitator of Rumah Zakat said that synergy with various communities is a proof that Rumah Zakat increasingly accepted and felt the benefits by many people. “Rumah Zakat will continue to synergize with various communities including sports clubs, so that the benefits can be felt by many people”, said Retno Sugiyanto.

Suradi as the coordinator of Suradi Badminton Club is also very grateful to Rumah Zakat who has intensified the sport in Sumber. “Thank you Rumah Zakat for the help, hopefully my friends added the spirit of training and added healthy”, said Suradi.


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