BATAM. Along with the humanitarian tragedy that struck the Rohingya Muslims, Rumah Zakat continues to move to help and staged #SAVEROHINGYA support in several cities.

Together with Rumah Zakat Volunteers and Several Muslim Communities, Rumah Zakat held a #SAVEROHINGYA action in Batam City Square, Engku putri Batam Center on Sunday (09/17).

The action that starts at 07:00 am until 09:30 am also coupled with the action of the International Hijab Solidarity Day, distribution of Pin and Flyer hijab and Free Health Check. Oration delivered with 2 themes; the first is the oration of caring for the hijab that invites the community to wear hijab and the second is the Rohingya Oration of Concern which is directly continued with fundraising.

“Alhamdulillah donations are collected today is Rp 4.901.600. we thank you very much for the participation from Solidarity of care for hijab, Musisy UIB Batam, KAMMI Batam, FLP Batam, Youth Grand Mosque Batam, IMMPB, Bagi Nasi Pagi dan Majlis Rasulullah Batam , thankyou for the success of the action, and to the Happy people who have donated donations to our brothers in Rohingya through Rumah Zakat. May Allah bestow many blessings in your life” said Sujasman as volunteer coordinator of Rumah Zakat Batam.

Newsroom/ Lailatul Istikhomah

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