RUMAH ZAKAT GELAR AKADEMI KREATIVITAS ANAK SHOLEH DI SURABAYASURABAYA | –Volunteer of Rumah Zakat Surabaya synergize with a Komunitas Seribu Senyum held Akademi Kreativitas Anak Sholeh (AKAS) or Academy of Children’s Creativity at TPQ Al Mubarrok, Keputih, Surabaya. The participants were santriwan and santriwati (students) of TPQ Al Mubarrok. There were 60 participants who followed the seven different competitions.

The competitions were including coloring contest which followed by 16 people, calligraphy which followed by 12 people, rearranging the letters of hijaiyah which followed by 14, adzan contest which followed by 8 people, Tilawah tartil recitations which followed by 4 people, speech and memorizing Quran which followed by 3 people.

Before the competitions held, the Volunteer of Rumah Zakat regularly conduct mentoring once a week since January 2017. The mentoring is to foster santriwan and santriwati to find out their interests and talents. The students were very enthusiast to follow the event, they followed the race very well and full spirit.

And there are the winners of each contests: Sriayuni Laili as the Speech contest winner, Mailatul Fajrita as Tilawah Tartil contest winner, Ngariono as Reforming Letter Hijaiyah contest winner, M. Maulidi as memorizing Juz Amma contest winner, Nurmafrudhoh as Calligraphy contest winner, Irfan as Adzan and Iqomah contest winner, and M. Daffa  as coloring contest winner

Laili, said she was happy to won the speech contest. According to Andre, mentor speech, Laili practice very seriously indeed for mentoring so that she deserved for that victory. While Irfan, the winner of Adzan and Iqomah contest winner was also very excited.

“I’m very glad to have this trophy. Thanks to Rumah Zakat, ” Laili said.

Nur, PIC of Empowerment field of Rumah Zakat Surabaya hopes that the mentoring activity will always continue although AKAS has finished.

“Hopefully there will be the next AKAS for the children with a broader scope, next year we hope we can held AKAS inter TPQ and even in province level. Moreover, this activity could be an annual activity of Rumah Zakat of East Java,” he concluded.






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