Palu (24/11). Still in the atmosphere of the commemoration of Maulid of Prophet Muhammad SAW 1440 H, Maulid of Prophet Muhammad SAW Celebration on November 24.

The agenda for this event was an Islamic competition including: Coloring competition, Da’i cilik competition, adzan competition, Juz 30 memorization, poetry reading competition, and congregational prayer competition. In addition to the race activities, the next day November 25, 2018 was also held by Tabligh Akbar by presenting Ustadh Prof. Dr. KH. Zainal Abidin, who is the Chair of the MUI of Palu and it ends with the announcement and distribution of prizes to the winners of the race that has been held today. This agenda is specifically for children who are still in kindergarten, elementary school grades 1 – 4.

Even though in the hot sun the presence and enthusiasm of participating in this competition was truly extraordinary. This event was attended by around 115 participants from various schools who followed the competition.

The competition began at 2:12 a.m. WITA at the Jabal Nur Pengawu Mosque in Pandanjakaya street. On this occasion the theme of the activity raised was “Modeling the Apostle, Welcoming the Future with the Spirit of Rising Hammer”. This theme aims to give meaning children can be a strong person and can emulate the morality of the Prophet Muhammad in everyday life. In this case it also gives knowledge how to deal with a disaster that befalls the environment.

Broadly speaking, this agenda aims to motivate children who live in areas affected by disasters. “This agenda also aims to give enthusiasm and hope to the younger siblings and the community to avoid prolonged trauma to the earthquake and tsunami disaster that recently occurred in Palu, Sigi and Donggala.” Said the committee chairman Parlin Lubis, one of the volunteers of Rumah Zakat.

Mr. Abdullah as DKM Jabal Nur expressed his gratitude for the holding of maulid commemoration activities that were so lively in the current atmosphere. “We represent the worshipers of the mosque to thank Rumah Zakat for their presence here since the second day of the incident. And with this activity, hoping that the community, especially children, can forget the the disaster they have just experienced,” said Mr. Abdullah


Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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