WONOGIRI. Sunday (24/09). The Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Trukan Village with the cadre of mobilizers held a self-employed entrepreneurial training of knitting art crafts. The event which was followed by 12 housewives was held for 4 days in a row this was done precisely in Tambaksari hamlet Truka Village, Pracimantoro sub-district.

Participants of this training are housewives who have a lot of potential at home even though currently not productive produce something. In this training came a skilled art scholar who is also an expert in knitting and weaving art.

Because it can not be a day, and quite complicated than this knitting training is done for 4 days. in 4 days some participants have succeeded in making bag and wallet products, where the product is worth selling.

“The art of knitting also has a big business opportunity, many devotees and can be marketed in all circles. Of course, it becomes a great potential in addition to fostering an independent entrepreneurial spirit also in business. 1 price of large bags can reach 50-60 thousand, even in stores sold 150 thousand. When compared with initial capital and energy is very profitable, “said Facilitator.

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