JAKTIM. Rumah Zakat rolled out the Nutrition Program for Anak Juara held at SD Juara East Jakarta. In accordance with the name of the program that was launched, the program is implemented to provide additional nutrition for children in SD Juara East Jakarta.

According to Ahmad Kosasi, Head of SD Champion East Jakarta, the program has started since several years ago. Every month, students’ weight is weighed. Those who weigh less, are given additional foods such as milk, bread, and bananas. Conversely, those with excess weight will be given fruits, such as oranges and papayas.

“Children should only bring healthy food, such as pudding, yellow rice, UHT milk or other self-processed foods and do not contain preservatives, sweeteners, and artificial flavors,” said Sistanto Purnomo, one of the guardians at SD Juara, Thursday (5/10).

Not only the Nutrition Program, the teachers at SD Juara East Jakarta also took the initiative to hold SMS program ( Sedekah Makanan / Minuman Siswa). In this program, every Friday students are scheduled to bring healthy food or drinks and distribute them to classmates.

The SMS program aims to train students to learn and share from an early age. It is hoped that they as beneficiaries not only receive assistance but are trained to become a muzaki.

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East Jakarta

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