GARUT (29/10). Various Rumah Zakat programs are rolled out, in order to provide benefits to others. One program that is being rolled out in Depok Hamlet Pakenjeng District Garut Regency, which is a program of empowered breeder.

Through this program, beneficiaries receive assistance in the form of training, sheep seeds, cage stimulants, etc. This program is very useful, especially for small farmers. Because of this program, farmers have additional jobs. As said by Herman (46 years) who works as a farm laborer,

“Thank God, now I have an additional job, hopefully with this help, my income will increase,” he said

The same thing was conveyed by Zamiludin, Rumah Zakat Facilitator, this empowered breeder program was very suitable to be rolled out in his village, given the abundant availability of food and adequate human resources.

So far, the majority of farmers in rural areas keep livestock as a side activity, meaning that they have not been managed professionally. Thus, the income from the livestock business has not been significant enough to improve their standard of living. Therefore, this empowered breeder program is expected to be one of the solutions to improve living standards, especially for small farmers.

“One of the advantages of this program is that there is intensive assistance, so that the development of livestock will be well controlled. Hopefully this program can run well, in accordance with what is expected, so that it can improve the welfare of the community, especially in the countryside, “Zamiludin said.



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