RUMAH ZAKAT HADIRKAN PELATIHAN IMAM DAN KHOTIB JUMAT DI LEMBANGLEMBANG. Friday is a big day for Muslims. Khutbah (Sermon) as an important part of the series of Friday worship has great urgency. Khutbah can be uplifting changes to community and nation and to build a civilization.

Seeing the importance of a khotibul Friday, Zaenal as Quran Ambassador of Rumah Zakat and Rumah Wakaf Indonesia held Imam dan khotib jumat training program on Friday (03/03) at Masjid Al Ikhlas kp. Ciikole RW 07 Cikole Village Lembang district, West Bandung regency. This training was followed by 56 people from young and old local community, Besides training, waqf Quran also channeled to support and facilitate the preacher in getting the facility during the learning process.

Ustadz Supriyadi is one of the imams and Quran teachers in Al-Ikhlas mosque. He is the most spirit participant and was very enthusiastic in participating in this training as a learning process studied contained tahsin and Tahfidz material. “I am very glad for training programs like this, because the training of imams and preachers is o important to follow in order as youth regeneration one day they will pass on message of the Prophet.” Said Supriyadi

“Hopefully, this training is able to provide benefits to citizens who are trained by ustad Zenal and Ustadz Supriyadi in Lembang area, Let’s create quality capable of delivering sermons for uplifting changes ” Revealed  Soleh Hidayat, director of Rumah Wakaf Indonesia

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