KALSEL (11/15). The process will not betray the results. After undergoing the process of institutional supervision and sharia compliance audits by the Ministry of Religion of South Kalimantan Province, Rumah Zakat South Kalimantan was received a notification or Opinion which was in accordance with Sharia.

There are 4 aspects that are assessed and examined in this time, namely aspects of institutional management, aspects of distribution, and aspects of amil and institutions.


In the monitoring process the Ministry of Religion of South Kalimantan Province used direct confirmation method by examining files and documents.

According to Muhammad Lutfi Alfin, the branch manager of Rumah Zakat South Kalimantan, this audit concerning the management of zakat and PP number 14 of 2014 concerning the implementation of Law Number 23 of 2011.


According to him, the distribution of zakat funds carried out in Rumah Zakat assisted village ‘Desa Berdaya’, for now there are 9 total villages that have a total of 20 targets for the South Kalimantan region. The empowered village itself is an empowerment program within the scope of the village area.

Through an integrated approach, namely the Capacity Building program, economy, education, health, environment to disaster preparedness, with the target of developing and local institutions and other problems, especially the village government.

Alfin also said that in 2018 the Rumah Zakat South Kalimantan has economic and environmental empowerment such as Urban Farming and Waste Bank. The Education Program itself consists of Scholarship, Ramadan Islamic Boarding School, sharing with Orphans and Al-Qur’an reading and writing education with a total of 772 beneficiaries.

While for the health program there were also health alerts programs, toddlers posyandu, elderly posyandu, nutrition gardens, ambulance delivery with a total of 9669 beneficiaries.

Alfin expressed his gratitude with a proud heart. “Thank you for all the people of South Kalimantan, so far to Rumah Zakat, so this year’s audit won a Shari’ah Appropriate Opinion.” Muhammad Luthfi Alfin said.


Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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