RUMAH ZAKAT KEDIRI SIAPKAN POSKO SEGAR UNTUK RELAWAN LONGSORKEDIRI. In third day of the evacuation process of landslide in Nganjuk region, a team of Rumah Zakat volunteer deployed 6 personnel of Kediri volunteers to establish a fresh post. 2 volunteers are assigned to the evacuation. Until today, Wednesday (04/12) there is no result due to the thick pile of landslide material that reaches 20 meters. In addition, the lack of human volunteers who took to the field is a constraint in the evacuation process, plus the difficulty of lowering heavy equipment causing the evacuation become more difficult.


The landslide that occurred in Kepel village, Ngetos District, Nganjuk have killed as many as 5 people. “Signs of a landslide actually, it was felt by some residents 20 days in advance” one resident said.


The victims are three students and two farmers. Previous victims got a warning to not approach the landslide area, unfortunately fifth of the victims could not be saved.


Two days after the landslide, the evacuation cannot be done because the location is not yet stable and subsequent landslides might happen. Evacuation team will continue their work tomorrow morning.


Newsroom/Dian Ekawati


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