RUMAH ZAKAT KEMBALI ADAKAN PELATIHAN GURU QUR’AN ANGKATAN KEDUATANGERANG. Rumah Zakat Tangerang convening second batch of Quran Teacher Training on 11 to 12 March 2017, the first batch of Quran Teacher Training conducted in January 2017, having a positive response from the participant, Rumah Zakat held the second batch training in two place, namely in Tangerang and Pandeglang.

More than 50 people attended as a participant in the Quran Teacher Training. The first day of Quran Teacher Training implemented in Area Ruko Victoria Liga Mas Blok A2 no 18 Karwaci Tangerang, while the second day was held in Vila Hijau Kp. Geuleuh Careh Pandeglang on Sunday, March 12, 2017.

Mahfudz as the chairman of event said “This training aims to provide quality training for Quran teachers, so that the participants have a standard of how to deliver learning to their students, particularly regional coordinator or mentor in order to have a common understanding in the science of Quran”

Ust. Indra Saputra Al Hafiz who is head of Pondok Qur’an and Qur’an Teacher Consultant of SDIT Tangerang regency who became speaker in the training provided a range of materials consisting of Makhorijul Huruf & Sifatul Huruf, Tajweed and tahsin Ottoman method, Talaqqi Q.S Al Qiyamah, How to be Creative Teacher. In addition to materials, activities were accompanied by Qiyamul Lail, Dhikr Al Ma’tsurot and Reward For the best participants.

Happy and excited feelings enveloping the participants, one of them is Nur Komariah As Kalideres Regional Coordinator and Teacher “Alhamdulillah I felt the joy of learning Quran, and when teaching I get more confident because I got the basic knowledge from this training, thank you Rumah Zakat. ” Said Nur. Other training participant also hoped that the event could become routine “Hopefully events like this could be held routinely, May Rumah Zakat always success” said Rani Khaerani representatives of Juara early childhood education.

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