BANDUNG. (17/05) Rumah Zakat will send Dai to carry out Safari Dakwah abroad, they are Ustadz Rikza Maulana, Ustadz Sulhan Zainuri, M.A. and Dr. Ahmad Kushairi.

The plan, the three Dai will carry out Safari Dakwah in 3 countries ie Hongkong, Germany, and Australia with the target dakwah is Diaspora Indonesia and Migrant Workers from Indonesia.

“Insya Allah, Rumah Zakat will depart to Australia, Ustadz Sulhan will depart to Hongkong and Dr Ahmad will be dispatched to Germany” said Joko Pamungkas, International Network of Rumah Zakat.

Joko added that the closest departure is Ustadz Sulhan who will head to Hong Kong on the 18th of May and will be in Hongkong until 16 June, while the other two Dai are still waiting for visa processing.

“For Australia and Germany if the visa arrangements are completed, we will leave immediately on schedule,” added Joko.

Among the dakwah agenda in Hongkong later Rumah Zakat will establish cooperation with IMAH (Indonesian Muslim Association in Hongkong) to make good synergy with the programs of Rumah Zakat. Joko also hoped this agenda can be a means of dakwah in international while bringing the spirit of sharing.

In addition to sending Dai to the world, Rumah Zakat also enlivens the dakwah of the nation by assigning the Empowered Village Facilitator as a local Dai in 1,183 Empowered Village located in 191 Kota / Kabupaten. The Dai are tasked to foster and empower the community.

Lailatul Istikhomah

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