SUKOHARJO. Breast cancer is a type of cancer that has long been lurking the health of Indonesian women. Preventing and providing coaching needs to be done so that the public is more aware of the danger that the disease threatens anyone. Facilitator of Rumah Zakat held breast cancer counseling in community development program at Wironanggan village meeting hall, Gatak districts, Sukaharo district, Central Java.

Material of breast cancer counseling conveyed by dr. Yuni Alam Romadhon, Sp. PK. 80 people are majority of PKK (fostering family welfare) and members of the Majlis taklim, Sunday (17.12.2017).

“Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that a woman has. However men can also develop breast cancer. Although the likelihood is smaller than women. Approximately 1 compared to 1000. The most common treatment is surgery, and if necessary continue with chemotherapy and radiation, “said Dr. Yuni in the material counseling.

Cancer is a condition where the cell has lost its normal control and mechanism. So wild and experiencing abnormal growth, fast and uncontrollable.

In addition breast cancer is defined as a malignant neoplasm disease originating from perenchima. The cause of this disease is not known for certain. But symptoms can be identified early. Therefore anyone should be observant of personal changes or self-examination (Breast Self Check).

With the ability to realize the expected early detectable disease can be treated immediately so that cancer cells immediately destroyed. “Maintaining public health is the program of Rumah Zakat. In addition, educational programs, business capital assistance and environmental awareness to the attention of Rumah Zakat to make people happy and empowering. Hopefully this extension can increase awareness and great benefits for the community, “said Titi Rahayu fasilitator Rumah Zakat.


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