KUDUS. (01/10) End of September 2018 then through the Empowered Village Facilitator, Bagus Pandu, Rumah Zakat provides business assistance to the beneficiaries of the empowered village economic program. Then the next program is the provision of knowledge about how to do the right entrepreneurship.

On this occasion Rumah Zakat tried to equip participants with entrepreneurial training by bringing in a National Motivator, Couch Jumadi (01/10).

The training was held at Couch Jumadi’s house located in Jepang Village, Mejobo Sub-district, Kudus Regency. The activity was attended by 40 Japanese Village residents. Not only the beneficiaries of the economic program but the jamiyah participants and the local taklim assembly also enlivened the event.

“One of the doors of fortune conveyed by the Prophet is through trading. Mothers here understand what it means to trade. But how to grow blessings on on our trade activity, maybe that is what we need to learn more,” Said Couch Jumadi explaining the entrepreneurial material.

Activities run interactively. Feedback on questions and answers from participants and presenters enlivened the atmosphere of entrepreneurship training that afternoon.

“This training is very useful for us as small traders. This opens our view of how to actually trade it. We must begin to organize our ideals to grow our business going forward. Thank you Rumah Zakat, thank you donators,” Said Budiono after attending entrepreneurship training.

Bagus Pandu said the continuation of this training was how business assistance would continue in the two years after this. Hopefully what they have learned from today’s material will be immediately applied in their bussiness.


Alamsyah / Lailatul Istikhomah

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