KEBUMEN. Amad Syarifudin, Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Blater Village launched the Blater Inspiration Hall in Blater Village, Poncowarno, Kebumen, Sunday (20/08).

Blater Inspiration Hall is one of the realizations of the Rumah Zakat’s Senyum Juara Program. Blater Inspiration Hall is a learning center for Blater children. In addition to the reading park, children are also introduced to educational games and traditional games and other useful activities.

According to Amad Syarifudin, Inspiration Hall was held due to the unrest of children’s condition in Blater Village, where children prefer to play disproportionately. It is expected that with this Inspiration Hall can be an effort to build the character of Blater children.

The launching event of Inspiration Hall was also attended by Suryo Widodo, Head of Blater Village. In his speech, Suryo Widodo thanked the Rumah Zakat for having initiated this Inspiration Hall.

“Hopefully with this Inspiration Hall, children can be more focused and can shape their character to be a good child,” said Suryo Widodo.

“The Inspiration hall is also in line with RKPDes (Blater Village Development Plan), Plans in 2018, The Village Government will build a centralized reading park in Balai Desa. Hopefully, this Inspiration Hall can be a supporter of the Blater Village Government program” added Suryo Widodo.

The children were very happy to welcome the presence of Inspiration Hall. “Very happy to have this Inspiration Hall, many books that I can read,” said Ira, one participant Blater Inspiration Hall.

Launching Inspiration Hall Blater Champion is marked by the cutting of yellow rice tumpeng made by Amad Yarifudin as the Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat. After the cutting of yellow rice cone, the event continued with Cheerful Tale delivered by Kak Didik. The children also played the Healthy Life Ladder Snake guided by Kak Faizin and Kak Rizcky from RDBI (Rumah Dongeng dan Budaya Indonesia).

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