KAB. PROBOLINGGO. Wednesday (3/4) became one of the historic days for the Juara Village Library of Rumah Zakat and also for the entire community of Kedung Rejoso Village, Kab. Probolinggo East Java. Because on this day was held the launching of “Gerobak Baca Sang Juara” which was one of the newest service innovations of the the Juara Village Library.

The event was attended by a delegation from the Regional Library and Archives Office of the Regency. Probolinggo, Head of Kedung Rejoso Village and the staffs, PKK and Posyandu cadres, School principals of educational institutions in Kedung Rejoso Village and all of the Library partners. The event took place lively.

Located at Village Library yard, the event began with poetry reading by one of the champion . poetry writing competition is quite amazing. Next was the speech from Syarif, the Head of Juara Village Library who was also the facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Kedung Rejoso village.

In his remarks, Syarif said that the purpose of launching the Gerobak Baca is to bring reading services closer to the village community. “The concept of a mobile library for several community activity points in the village is expected to further increase the reading and learning interest of rural communities,” he said.

Abdurrahim, S.Pd, Head of Kedung Rejoso village in his speech greatly appreciated the existence Gerobak Baca Sang Juara which was supported by Rumah Zakat. He even promised to allocate a larger  budget for village funds to support Village Library activities in order to create a Literacy Village.

Khozaimy, SH who represented the head of the Dispersion District. Probolinggo is no less proud of the innovation. Village Library is the only library in Kab. Probolinggo, who owns a cart service..

“We deeply salute the innovation and hope that later we can encourage other local government institutions to improve literacy culture in Probolinggo Regency,” he said.

After the closing curtain was opened, a sigh of admiration from the invited guest was heard. Also not hesitate, Mr. Kades tried to go up to the Reading Cart accompanied by thunderous applause from all the invitees.

Likewise, when the side is opened and there is a bookshelf with several books neatly arranged in it. At the end of the event a gift was handed over to the winners of the Gebyar March contests for the 2nd Perpusdes anniversary held in March.

Newsroom Suryanto / Lailatul Istikhomah

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