MALANG. In order to stimulate teenagers’ imagination and train them to be creative, Rumah Zakat Malang held a program called Care For Teen (CFT). This weekly program presents a variety of education related to the development of adolescents today.

CFT this time review the material about “Unlimited Creativity”. This material was presented by Sherlynda Okta, one of lecturer at Universitas Brawijaya Malang. Initially the students were formed into 4 groups consisting of 3 groups of boy and 1 group of girl. Each group has 10 members. Each was given 3 sheets of newspaper. They are all asked to create masterpieces according to their own creativity.

After the creation, each group was welcome to present their creativity. The creativity they made was including ships, planes, caps, wallets, flutes, trumpets and much more.
At the end of the session Sherly explained that creativity should be honed from an early age, with creative can show to our interest in the future.

The event ended with giving the gift to the participants. “I am very happy, the material is exciting. It doesn’t make me sleepy. Thank you Kak Sherly,” said Dimas one of the CFT participants.


Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu


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