AMBON – Until now Rumah Zakat continues to take action on the Ambon Earthquake Concern. This time the team reached several areas that still needed help and talked with the residents who were displaced.

The volunteers of Rumah Zakat returned to the latest assessment and recorded various needs of the affected residents in 4 villages namely; Liang Village, Waai Village, Ujung Batu Hamlet, and Waenuru Hamlet with 935 refugees.

“On average in this area, we need mats, blankets, MCK medicines and clean water,” said Sadam, Field Coordinator of the Ambon Concerned Action.

In Waai Village, it is very much in need of an emergency school because schools in this village have damaged buildings and traumatized students for indoor schools so that emergency schools are needed.

Until now Rumah Zakat has sent 20 Volunteers for this action and has conducted a Need Assessment and Coordination with Related Parties, distribute logistic packages, Medical Services, Psychosocial assistance for Children, 3 Operational Cars, Fresh Post, Warm Posts and Establish Emergency TPA.

Many residents in Ambon still need help. Therefore, Rumah Zakat opens good opportunities for anyone to help residents affected by the Ambon earthquake.


Lailatul Istikhomah / Hanaa Afifah

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