PATEHAN. The children of RW 5 Patehan Tengah people flocked to the TPA at An Nur Mosque in the pouring rain. On Sunday afternoon (26/11) they learn together through the Tale of the Child with Ustadz Aris.

The event was held by the cooperation of facilitator of Rumah Zakat for Patehan empowered Village, Edy Dwi Daryapto together with Takmir Musholla An Nur. The main purpose of this activity is to re-activate TPA Musholla An Nur who had vacuum some time and effort to prosper the musholla. This can be seen by the high spirit of children to attend TPA activities, even though it is raining heavily.

The event was opened by Lee Rea, teacher of TPA Musholla An Nur who is still in second grade of SMK. Followed by a speech by Chairman Takmir Mushola, Mr. Jihat Sumaryanto and Edy Dwi Daryapto, facilitator of Rumah Zakat.

Ustadz Aris started his tale material with a warm-up game. Not only the children, the teenagers and the parents were very enthusiastic about listening to what he said. With his typical style interspersed jokes, laughter was inevitable. Ustadz Aris delivered a tale themed Judgment Day.

At the end of the event, the Rumah Zakat facilitator collects the teachers and teenagers and then gets the management of TPA Musholla An Nur. Hope in the future, hopefully TPA runs well, children can read Al-Qur `an, and musholla more prosperous with its congregation.

“The values that are delivered in the tale, insha Allah will be inherent in the memory of the child until adulthood. For future we will carry out periodically for this fairy tale event because it can spur the spirit of the children to the landfill. Bravo Facilitator Rumah Zakat! Thanks for the motivation to be better,” impressed Andiyono, Director of TPA Musholla An Nur.

Mr. Jihat Sumaryanto, Chairman of Takmir Musholla An Nur conveyed, “The children’s tale always invites the children to take good values and also remind them carefully the importance of leaving behind the bad things.” Thank you to the Inspiration, Rumah Zakat. ”

Chairman of RT 21, Mr. Nowo Edi Wijayanto also gave his impression, “Alhamdulillah it’s very good, thank you for the support, Rumah Zakat.”


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