PALEMBANG, Tuesday (10/15) – A fire broke out on Street Pangeran Sidoing Kenayan Karang Anyar, Kec. Gandus Palembang, South Sumatra. The squeezed houses and strong winds added to the area of ​​the fire, causing more than 50 houses to burn and almost 100 households to be affected. One by one till 7 fire trucks arrived and immediately put out the fire. But the thick smog in Palembang City and access to locations that were quite difficult made the fire difficult to extinguish. Information about the cause of the fire is still not known and is under investigation.

Many police, military, Ministry of Social Affairs, PMI, BNPB and volunteers who were at the scene. The fire was still being extinguished, the post was in the making and the residents who began to evacuate either at the post, at the neighbor’s house or relatives of the victim’s family.

Rumah Zakat immediately sent 9 teams to the location of the fire. Wawan, the Volunteers Coordinator, directly conducted an assessment of the affected areas assisted by residents and related agencies.

“We coordinate 40 cans of Kornet Superqurban and 500 masks to victims and the surrounding community,” he said.

According to Rumah Zakat, tonight will open a Fresh Post and Warm Post for the victims and volunteers. “There are many immediate needs such as proper clothing, Kitchen Sets, Hygienic kits, basic food or food ingredients and school supplies,” he concluded.


Izzatul Yazid / Hanaa Afifah

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