CILEGON, Tuesday (08/13). During the Tasyrik day, Rumah Zakat again distributed economic assistance to the poor. This time, economic assistance was distributed to Mr. Wahyu who lives in his rented house at Link, Rokal RT 04, Jombang Wetan Cilegon.

The distance from Mr. Wahyu’s house to Rumah Zakat Cilegon office is approximately 4.5 KM. Although the distance is quite far, it does not dampen the steps of Mr. Wahyu with only one foot and the help of a cane to go to Rumah Zakat office to stay in touch. He is a street busker to provide the necessities of life accompanied by his wife and children.

“I am very grateful for this assistance, and I pray for all donors of the Rumah Zakat to always be given health and convenience in all their affairs”. Said Mr. Wahyu when receiving economic assistance.


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