KULON PROGO. Rumah Zakat through Empowered Village Facilitator distributed business assistance to fish farmers in Jatirejo Empowered Village, Lendah Regency, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta.

1.5 million Rupiahs assistance was given on Friday, (09/22) to one of fish farmer, Mr. Pitoyo who lives in Jimatan Hamlet, Jatirejo. Later this aid will be realized in the form of catfish seeds, pellet feed, nets, manure, drugs and probiotics for the preparation of pond land before stocked catfish seeds.

Pitoyo, the father of two children who also works as a farmer of rice fields, explained that once he had formed a group of fish that was led by himself, and get capital assistance from the Government. However, due to the lack of intensive assistance, lack of knowledge about catfish farming techniques and group members who have no sense of belonging because it is a joint effort, the group finally did not last long and vacuum until now.

“Once we harvested catfish, but the profit from the catfish harvest when divided into all members of the group, it is so small per person, it is not comparable between the results with energy, time spent, so we were lazy to continue the business because the results cannot be used as a foundation to meet the needs of life, especially among the members of the group itself not all member involve in the process, so there was no sense of belonging to the business, it stopped, did not continue again. ” said Pitoyo to the Facilitator of Jatirejo Empowered Village, Nadi Susanto

From that reason, Nadi Susanto tried to apply the strategy of rotation aid model which directly targeted to individual or each household from members of fish group that had formed, starting from Pitoyo first with consideration that he already have pond but not utilized because of limited capital.

“Catfish farming actually has a very large market prospect, because the need for catfish is high in Yogyakarta. Hence with my experience participated in training and learn the ins and outs about fish farming with probiotic system, I want to help and encourage Jatirejo residents, especially fish farmers to pursue and develop their business in order to really be able to produce and able to improve their welfare. Hopefully Jatirejo Empowered Village can become one of the centers of catfish in Yogyakarta,” said Nadi Susanto.

Mr Pitoyo added, “Hopefully with the presence of this aid program from Rumah Zakat, we can revive the fish group that had vacuum, give us the spirit to go back to cultivate catfish, we also hope this program can prosper our group’s economy” he said.

Newsroom/ Dani Suhardi
Kulon Progo

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