GARUT. Tuesday, (13/06) Rumah Zakat distributes aid to fire victims in Kampung Cikampil RT 07/01, Ngamplang Cilawu Village, Garut. The fire occurred on Monday night at 07:45 pm when the residents of the house praying tarawih in the mosque.


The fire that was allegedly caused by short-circuit causing three houses to burn. The three victims were the house of Aleh (56) whose house was totally burned down, while Sahril’s (42) and Enang (37) houses only partially burned. For a while this loss is estimated at around 130 million.


Aleh who is a farm laborer said that his urgent needs at this time are prayer equipment, clothing, groceries, school equipment and cooking utensils. “Currently for a while we stay at our relative’s home. Because my house was burned by fire, many necessary we need today, “said Aleh.


When Rumah Zakat volunteers made visits to the scene, the neighbors of the victims were working together to clean up the remains of the fire. We are very grateful to Rumah zakat that has provided assistance, hopefully replyed by Allah SWT” Aleh said


“Hopefully with this fire disaster the victims are given patience and better replaced by Allah,” said Wahyu, Volunteer of Rumah Zakat Garut.


Newsroom / Wanda Yulianto

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