SIDOARJO. Three villages in Waru Sub-district, Sidoarjo regency devastated by strong winds, Wednesday (22/11/2017). At around 15:30 WIB was thick and heavy rain followed almost equally in Surabaya and Sidoarjo. In addition to the heavy rain that immediately caused flooding in all the low roads, strong winds that coincided with the rainfall triggered the damage in Tambak Rejo Village, Tambak Sawah and Tambak Sumur, Waru Sub-district.

Although it was declared nil injured or died, the material loss is estimated large enough. According to information obtained about 700 houses suffered damage. Details of the damaged house, Tambakrejo Village as many as 576 houses, Desa Tambak Sawah 50 houses and Pond Ponds 128 houses. A total of 754 houses.

While the residents whose houses collapsed and damaged to evacuate in the school MI Darul Ulum Tambak Rejo. The number of people displaced 100 people, but some have returned home and still survive. Some public facilities such as mosques and schools were also damaged. In addition to damage to residents’ homes, tornadoes also resulted in fallen trees and electric power poles.

Hearing the news, Rumah Zakat moved quickly to provide assistance. In the initial assessment Thursday (23/11/2017), Volunteers brought 80 cans of corned beef to help the adequacy of food in public kitchens. Assessment is done to find out what needs are needed by refugees.

Furthermore, Rumah Zakat volunteers provide assistance in the form of clothing and use of 50 pieces of the parcel for children on Saturday (25/11/2017).

Hariyanto, as the village staff on duty to receive the aid, expressed his gratitude for the help from Rumah Zakat. “God willing we will distribute evenly,” he said.

Hariyanto mentioned there are other urgent needs such as pillows and blankets. “Refugees also need baby diapers and clothing worth wearing” he added.

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