PALU. After disaster Earthquake and Tsunami in Palu-Donggala, Rumah Zakat initiated disaster management program in Central Sulawesi starting from the emergency response phase, until the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase, Rumah Zakat made stages of disaster management actions in Central Sulawesi, which were adjusted to the conditions and needs in field.

At present the disaster management phase has reached the second phase, namely the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase. In this phase the first thing to do is to establish a shelter or temporary shelter for victims of disaster. Today (1/11) Rumah Zakat signed the MoU with CV. Sammy Pratama which is a developer company that will build shelters.

Shelter will be built on 1 H area owned by local residents on Jl dayo dara II blok F Kel talise kec mantikulore city of Palu. It is planned that Rumah Zakat will build 500 shelters for the victims of the Palu-donggala disaster, but for the initial phase Rumah Zakat will build 50 shelters in that location and 50 more in Sigi.

“Insya Allah, we will build 500 shelters for Palu residents, for the first stage we will build 50 shelters in Palu and 50 shelters in Sigi,” Murni Alit Baginda, Chief Program Officer of Rumah Zakat said.

Later this shelter will be integrated with communal toilets, prayer rooms, health posts and children’s playgrounds.

“This shelters model will be like a barracks, each barrack will be divided into 10 rooms for 10 families,” said Nurmansyah, volunteer of Rumah Zakat in the field.

Previously, Rumah Zakat collaborated with the Central Java Provincial Government to establish a Shelter in the Petobo area.

“Pray for us, hopefully the construction of this temporary shelter will run smoothly, and can be immediately inhabited by residents of Palu who are victims of the disaster,” said Nurmansyah.



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