SOLO. Not only focus on the distribution of zakat, but Rumah Zakat (RZ) also has environmental concerns, particularly done by Rumah Zakat Solo Branch in which working together with Mojosongo Urban to realize Creative Trash.

“One of them is with the title to make as many as 2.018 ecobrick,” said Anto, the initiator of the event from Rumah Zakat, Sunday (29/4). Ecobrick is an eco-friendly brick made from plastic waste that can not decompose. Ecobrick can later be used as a study table, chairs, environmentally friendly brick. A total of 150 participants enliven the event held in Taman Jayawijaya.

“We want a city tourist destination with eco green approach,” he added.

Meanwhile, Agus Triyono, Mojosongo Village Head said that the event involves all elements of Mojosongo community from 39 RWs, from cross-sector such as LPMK, Sub-district Siaga, puskesmas, children forum, and PKK kelurahan.

“Rumah Zakat fully supports this activity, and hopefully all citizens of Mojosongo can jointly realize creative Mojosongo garbage,” he concluded.

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