RUMAH ZAKAT SULAP BLORA JADI KEBUN GIZI KELUARGAMuriaNewsCom, Blora – Sempu Village Government, District Kunduran, Blora, along Relawan Inspirasi of Rumah Zakat recently promoted the land optimization of house yard as a family nutrition garden.

Suwarno, Sempu village chief said that it will empower and revive the group of households that had already formed. Later, every house in the village Sempu will plant vegetable crops such as cabbage, cauliflower, peppers, celery, and others.

“Utilization of yard area of the house is expected to enable people to meet the needs of high quality, nutritious food,” said Suwarno in a press release on Thursday (02/03).

Meanwhile Tulus Prihadi, Relawan Inspirasi of Rumah Zakat ICD Sempu revealed that the utilization  of house yard land became one of the alternative of realizing food self-sufficiency in the household.

“It means , we empower families first. Thus, food security can grow and develop,” he said.

He hoped that the optimization of these yards can make people able to reduce monthly expenditure.

“So, we along with the Sempu village government want to empower an independent community. Community that can meet their family food needs. And later if they want some vegetables, they just need to pick them at the yard. How simple and interesting,” he concluded.




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