KEBUMEN. Friday (7/14) Rumah Zakat volunteers, Amad Syarifudin provide funds to support Posbindu in Hamlet Krajan, Blater Village, Poncowarno District, Kebumen. It is given because so far posbindu funding in Blater derived from self-help communities.


“Activities in Posbindu include health checks, such as glucose checks, gout, and cholesterol. During this time most of funds come from the community. There is also support from the village government, but only slightly, ” Marsiyah said, one of the posbindu cadres.


With the support of funds from Rumah Zakat, the funds are used to buy medical equipment, such as stick to check blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid.


According Syarifudin, posbindu support is done because posbindu visitor is elderly, where the age range is prone to degenerative diseases, such as diabetes milletus, gout, cholesterol, hypertension, and others.


Posbindu support is part of a Senyum Sehat Program in Empowered Village in Blater Village, Poncowarno, Kebumen. “This program is very good, may be useful for the Blater community. I represent my friends to thank the donators of Rumah Zakat, may your wealth be a blessing, ” Marsiyah said.

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