0603 RUMAH ZAKAT TARGETKAN DONASI Rp1 TRILIUN DI 2017Since its founding in 2003 until now, Rumah Zakat has managed to collect 1.2 million benefit recipients. According to Nur Efendi, CEO Rumah Zakat, the rising trend in the performance of the program increased 20% from a year earlier to 1.2 million recipients collect benefits and 800 villages empowered in Indonesia.

Model-based empowerment activities undertaken to generate independent villages, through programs in health, education, economy, and environment. “We want to empower change in the village with a thorough, ranging from scholarships, economic empowerment, and health. So the process of empowerment of the family system was perfect, “he said.

In doing economic empowerment, Rumah Zakat targeting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to expand their business. By providing training and incentives to improve production quality. Recorded 800 villages have been empowered throughout Indonesia and is targeted to reach 1,080 villages this year. Not only targeting SMEs, Rumah Zakat also targeted groups of potential business and intense mentoring from potential exploration to marketing processes. “We have an average of 2 to 3 business groups in the village,” he explained.

In the health sector, Rumah Zakat focusing on maternal and child health. Noted there are 8 free hospital that serves the health of mothers and children in synergy with government BPJS program. Now Rumah Zakat has 20 mobile clinics cars and planned to operate a floating health clinic for villages that are inaccessible by land.

Meanwhile, in the economic field, Rumah Zakat is committed to advocate for the government to make regulations that pro on the empowerment of the agrarian sector. This commitment is also accompanied by assistance to farmers, and has performed at several points empowerment villages.

Rumah Zakat was also developed the innovation-based environment, where waste management would ┬ábe the spearhead in the payment process. “Innovation waste bank will continue to develop, that the people who want treatment and the school did not use the money, but trade them in the trash. You could imagine a day how many millions or billions tons of waste we produce, and this is a tremendous potential, “he said.

Currently Rumah Zakat middle reinforce offline to online platforms with a focus on information technology facilities, this strategy is expected to increase the number of donors coming in and targeted donation receipt reach Rp 1 trillion this year.

Editor: Eva Martha Rahayu


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