REPUBLIKA.CO.ID,CIREBON–Through Trash Bank, Rumah Zakat changed ​​Kesunean Selatan village RW 09, Kasepuhan Village, Cirebon which was originally a slum area won environmental award for two consecutive years. The area was awarded and became a pilot area for other areas in Cirebon. “It’s something that was never thought before, whereas once I was almost desperate with a dirty environment, ” Pepep said, chairman of RW 09, Monday (10/7).


The initial challenge faced when starting the Trash Bank program is the habit of residents throwing garbage into the sea and river banks. According to Pepep, residents in coastal areas such as Kasepuhan is used to throw garbage into the sea to make the land arise, not just the garbage itself, if less they certainly buy garbage from the outside. Initially used as a pond, after that the pond is backfilled with garbage to make a house. “Various ways we took to convince residents that cleanliness of the environment is important. Education on garbage banks is still running today. In the form of mass campaign such as counseling to the citizens to the personal such as one by one campaign, such ways still continue to be done, “Yusuf said, Empowered Village Facilitator of Kasepuhan.


With persistence and hard work from various parties, in Kesunean Selatan village RW 09 becomes a environmental reward-winning region to participate in West Java Province Climate Camp Program. Because the region has succeeded in transforming the slum area into a environmental reward-winning region even up to the city level, Mekar Berseri Kesunean Trash Bank also get help from the Environmental Office of Cirebon City in the form of a motor to transport garbage and compost machine for composting. “Alhamdulillah various parties want to help this Trash Bank program to grow. Apart from the service, the posyandu (Maternal and child health post) also want to contribute in the counseling of clean and healthy living behavior (PHBS)” Yusuf said.



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