By: Moch Hisyam

Damage to the heart is the largest disaster for those who believe. Because the broken heart will damage all the good deeds one has done. Rasulullah SAW said, “Know that in fact the body contains a lump of meat. If he is good then the body will be good, and vice versa if he is bad then the body will be bad. Know that the lump of meat is the heart” (HR Bukhori).

Therefore, it is obligatory for us to keep our hearts in good order and try to treat them if damaged. “Medicate your heart because Allah’s need for His servants lies in the good heart” (Hilyah Auliya 2/157, see Ma’alim fi Suluk wa Tazkiyah Nufus p. 70).

One way that our hearts are not damaged is to find out things that can damage the liver. Because, how can we avoid things that damage the heart if we do not know the things that can damage it?

In the book Nashaihul ‘Ibad by Ibn Hajar Al Asqolani stated that Hasan Al-Basri once said, “The damage to the heart is caused by six things ; intentionally sinning in the hope that later repentance is accepted, have knowledge, but do not practice it, do charity but not be sincere, eat sustenance from Allah SWT, but not grateful, not pleased with the gift of Allah, and bury the body, but do not take lessons from it.”

All of these acts can cause the heart to become broken and damaged because those who sin in the hope of repentance will be accepted by God will make their hearts darker because they are swept away in the pool of sin. “If a servant commits a sin, he will surely be inscribed in his heart a black spot. . If he leaves that sin, rests and repents; surely the stain will be removed. However, if he returns to sin; undoubtedly the taints will further increase to blacken all his heart. That is the closing that is said by Allah, “Not at all so, actually what they always do has closed their hearts” (Surah al-Muttaffifin: 4) (HR Tirmidhi from Abu Hurairah).

Likewise, people who have the knowledge, but leaving charity will make his heart filled with pride. Rasulullah SAW said: “The danger of understanding is arrogance.” As for charity, but not sincerely can be a destroyer of the heart because of insincerity will cause him to be possessed by polytheism both khofi and jali. Likewise, by eating the provision of Allah, but not thankful, he will make our hearts deny pleasure. Allah SWT said, “And (remember also), when your Lord declares:” Verily, if you are grateful, surely We will add (favor) to you, and if you deny (my favor), then, in fact, My punishment is very painful “(QS 14: 7) Meanwhile, not being pleased with the division of Allah will damage the heart because the act will make him feel bad to Allah SWT, and the inability to take lessons from one’s death will make his heart hardened.

Hopefully, we are all given the ability by Allah to be able keep our hearts from something that can damage it and Allah SWT determines our hearts are in his religion. “O you who turn your hearts, set my heart on your religion” (HR Tirmidhi). Amen. Wallahu a’lam.

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