RZ MEDAN GALANG DANA BANTU RAKYAT PALESTINAMEDAN. The awareness toward the current condition of Palestine comes from all over the world. There are many people, community, or countries that support innocent Palestinian from Zionist Israel indiscriminate attacks. One of them is national zakat institution, Medan RZ Branch Office, which held fundraising action for Gaza.

Rusdi Saleh Koto, Medan RZ Branch Office, said that the aggression of Israel in this Ramadhan is a very cruel and inhumanity attack. As a Muslim we have to aware and concern toward the Palestinian.

Saleh explained that it is not the first assistance implemented by RZ for Palestinian. In 2011, RZ had sent assistance directly to the Palestinian. “We will continue the existed program regarding to the charity fo Gaza,” he said.

In addition, Saleh added that by collaborating with KNRP, Palestine Ambassador, and others, RZ attempts to distribute assistances in the form of foods, medicines, and economic assistance.

In facilitating Medan people to donate easier, Saleh suggested them to visit Medan RZ Branch Office located in Jl. Setiabudi no. 32 D Medan dan Jl. Mustafa no. 78 A which is opened from 8 a.m to 8 p.m., or utilize shuttle charity via 061 77812344 and 061 6612149, or visit RZ zakat counter which is opened from Juli 11 to 27 in Lotte Mart Centre Point Jl. Jawa, and visit all North Sumatra Post Offices.***

Courtesy: www.dnaberita.com

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