RZ BAGIKAN 3774 PAKET BUKA PUASAPEKANBARU. To share in Ramadhan 1453 H, RZ Pekanbaru has provided 3774 ifthar packages that will be distributed during the Ramadhan. This program is entitled “Berbagi Buka Puasa” and it is one of RZ annual program.
“BPP is a complete food package for ifthar and we have planned to distribute it in ICD and Non-ICD areas,” Rico Yuza, RZ Subagsel Program Head, said.

To distribute all ifthar packages along the Ramadhan, RZ Pekanbaru will cooperate with various mosques’ community. “Our targets are mosques’ communities thus we can enliven those mosques with positive activities,” Yuza added.

Thousands of BPP packages will be distributed in 4 steps. In the 1st step, RZ Pekanbaru has a plan to distribute 10% of BPP from the total packages, 30% for the second, 40 % for the third and 20% for the last step.

The distribution of the packages can not be separated from the donors. Thus, RZ wants to invite all parties to contribute in this program because when we give ifthar to the beneficiary then we can receive the same reward as the beneficiary.***

Courtesy: www.halooriau.com

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