RZ BAGIKAN 500 KORNET SUPERQURBAN DI DESA RAWAN AQIDAH BOJANEGARABOJANEGARA. RZ SuperQurban Expedition present in Bojonegara village, Sigaluh District, Banjarnegara on (08/14) to (08/22). Superqurban Expedition main theme this time is to build family resilience through RZ’s SuperQurban.

Superqurban expedition conducted with the purpose of channeling program to all parts of Indonesia. Community empowerment program aims to provide the benefits and wider distribution.

The area was selected as distribution target because it is a disaster-prone area, prone to aqidah silting and where the orphans live.

500 Superqurban corned distributed to 200 families in Bojanegara Village, not only that, various competitions held by age category such as category of children, Adolescent / youth and adults. For the children the competition held such as arranging cans, put a nail in a bottle race, the race brought a bottle with a straw, braid art contest, coloring contest and Ad Contest.

For the category of teenagers / youth such as advertising race arranging cans, dance competitions and braid art contest, put the nail in the bottle. As for the category of adults / couples such as makeup contest (wife and husband), fed the wife by the husband race, and karaoke with friends.

It also held a healthy walk with the family. This activity is organized through the Volunteer Inspiration RZ RZ Bayu Setyo Pramudyawardana and Yekti Nunihartini synergy with the committee RI 71st anniversary Bojanegara village. Residents are very excited and pleased with this activity.

According to RZ Inspiring Volunteer Yekti Nunihartini, The aim of Superqurban Expedition that coincide with 71th anniversary of Indonesia this time is to build harmony and warmth of a family through various competitions and activities.

“We are very pleased, the community participation level is very high because this time activity is different than others activity” Said Yekti Nunihartini, RZ inspiring volunteers.

It was also strongly felt by Tri Widiyanto as Chairman of RT 02 RW 01, Desa Bojanegara, he said that the application of the values of family support through a variety of competitions and Superqurban activity is very helpful. “We are very pleased with RZ’s Superqurban expedition in Bojanegara village for increasing family harmony and harmonious ties between neighbors to the RT level”.

Newsroom/Yekti Nunihartini

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