RZ BANGUN WATER WELL DI DESA TUGU KAMPUNG LAHAN CADANGANBOGOR. Construction stages of Water Well in Tugu utara village in RZ sharing happiness program is now nearly complete. The construction of public toilets are carried out in stages starting from foundation of construction, manufacturing of walls, installation of floor tiles, installation of roof and wall painting, which began on last April 2016. Currently the process of construction has reached the stage of painting the inner walls.

Water Well built as many as eight rooms consist of 4 WC, 3 Bathroom, and 1 Pos. Water well can be used by the local community for considering that Tugu village has not had proper sanitation. In addition, Tugu village location is right at the foot of Mount Kecana Bogor which is the resting place of the mountain climbers who pass through the region at the weekend.

In addition to the construction of public toilets, RZ also do repairs and construction of turbines. The existence of turbines for Tugu residents is important, considering that electricity has not entered the area, the residents can only rely on electricity generated from water turbines obtained from governmental organizations. However, due to the condition of the turbine which was damaged, the electric supply is not available.

Construction of electric utilities in the form of a turbine made by residents and RZ volunteers, turbine Manufacture utilized the modified engine placed in the river not far from the settlement, which is about 600 m.

The river has been chosen because it has a fairly heavy flow to generate electricity, in addition to the river have not decreased since the flow come from the mountain springs. But to anticipate the dry season and a small discharge of water, the residents make dam system in creeks and create a downward flow, so that the water will continue to flow even though in the dry season.

Turbine assembly is placed in a timber which sought to sustain the engine as a power plant turbines. Work on the turbine can be completed within a period of five days from 30 th April – May 4, 2016.

“RZ Volunteers from Bogor branch makes this expedition into an amazing experience, and the moments with the children and local residents are hard forgotten. Construction of public toilets and turbines as power generation is expected to greatly help the local people. Hopefully kampung lahan cadangan can get a better life and the children can get better future as well ” said Aribah Marathul Athifah, Volunteer of RZ Bogor.

Newsroom / Aribah Marathul Athifah

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