RZ BANJARMASIN WARNAI BERBAGI BUKA PUASA DAN SYIAR QURAN DENGAN MAJELIS HIKMAH BANJARMASIN The residents of Gang Hidayah RT. 28, Coral district, Banjarmasin which is located behind the Hotel Banjarmasin International (HBI) went to Al-Hidayah Mosque on Friday afternoon (06/24). Although it was raining, not deter residents to attend in iftar event organized by RZ Banjarmasin.
Hasikin grandmother 80 years old seemed stumped guided by his family to the mosque with an umbrella. According to Hasikin Grandma BBP event organized by RZ is nice, she prayed that the donors can receive a blessing from Allah.

“This event really helped us, with these activities we can also add useful knowledge for this event is also filled by the Assembly of Wisdom.” said Mr. Imam Suprayitno, a local resident.
The Assembly of Wisdom this time filled by cleric Faidhi Rizani, which reminds us of the life in this world is only temporary.

He also recalled the importance of learning the Qur’an in order to be able to read it properly. Package 210 iftar package that was donated by Human Concern International (HCI) distributed in the occasion. After breaking the fast, the event continued with the distribution of 25 Quran and Iqra packages by RZ volunteers to the people around.


Newsroom/Muhammad Luthfi Alfin

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