RZ BANTU KELUARGA (ALM) PAK SUWANDI DI SOLOSOLO. Elvin Suronugroho, RZ Solo’s foster children who have long been beneficiaries of scholarships from RZ. Elvin grateful to receive educational assistance so that he can continue to attend school, his family condition of his family and his home is very simple considered very feasible to get this help.

On the will of Allah, his father Mr Suwandi died in the middle of Ramadan 1437 H ago. Mr Suwandi leaves a wife and seven children. He died when he undergone outpatient treatment which is assisted by PMI Solo, he should undergone outpatient treatment because of a traffic accident that occurred in August 2015.

Pak Suwandi hit by a bus while traveling home. The accident resulted in skin cells on his elbows died of chipped and difficult to heal. Thus the doctor directly performed a surgery to attach skin taken from the thigh skin cells.

Operating costs obtained from the reimbursement of compensation from the driver, but not enough, finally his family had to borrow to the neighbors and closest relatives. Postoperative care also remains to be routinely performed to replace bandages and buy ointment.

Since June 2016 last month, Deceased get help wheelchair and routine check by PMI and picked up by the PMI, which is 2 times a week. However, Qodarullah, Just 5 times he undergone the treatment in PMI, Mr. Suwandi had been called Allah. The Family had sincerely let beloved head of family go forever.

Now the wife tried to live toughly with her son and daughter underwent the usual activities by selling food around. She had to struggle to meet their daily needs and also her children’s school fees. Elvin which is RZ’s foster children also willingly abandoned by his beloved father and is trying to learn and become a successful child later.

Alhamdulillah through RZ Sharing Happiness, the donors who kindly give a helping hand to help Elvin’s families. Assistance given on Wednesday (08/17) at Elvin’s residence at Gulon village district Rt 02 Rw 21, Jebres, Solo.

Assistance was given to the wife (the late) of Mr. Suwandi, Mrs. Purwani. This assistance will be used to pay debts to neighbors and relatives, as well as to pay the tuition fees for Elvin who has been in arrears for 4 months due to funds used for the care of the father.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you for helping our family RZ, Bapak (Read: Mr.Suwandi) has been called beforehand by God, please pray hopefully we can be strong and sincerely let him go. Once again thank you to RZ donors”, Said Purwani (58)

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