RZ BANTU KORBAN PUTING BELIUNG DI JEMBERJEMBER. Volunteers of RZ Jember channeled material help building for disaster victim tornado in Gempal Pakusari, Jember. This activity started in advance with the coordination of 08.30 and continued with site surveys Beneficiaries before distribution to 13.00 pm.


Action channeling aid followed by 9 people Volunteers are given starting at 14:00 pm. The assistance in the form of 4,000 tiles and 5100 bricks  given to 8 homes in Gempal, one home and one mosque in Sumber Suko.

“Thanks Rumah Zakat, it is very helpful,” said Pak Suti, one of the beneficiaries.

Waterspout that occurred on Friday (01/06) and resulted in 23 houses collapsed and damaged. “Not all the houses we give aid, only 9 homes in desperate need given and one mosque were damaged in total based on the survey,” said Bagas as the PIC from RZ Jember Volunteer.

“Thanks RZ, we are very delighted to have been given assistance.” Said Mr. Sumiran.


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